I love you Finland

It is officially the 101th birthday of Finland today.

Never would I’ve thought I’d be missing my home country this much when I got a one-way ticket to Japan, but now that I live here, I’ve noticed what a great country Finland is and that there are so many things I love and miss about Finland! 

First of all, I have never been the person who mentions their country with pride, but lately I’m really getting into the nerves of people around me, since I have a mission to let everyone know if Finland was mentioned in any kind of news, if something is Finnish made, or if I just think the Finnish way to do things is better (which it usually is, if you don’t mind me saying).

So for your annoyance as well, here’s a little list of things I love and miss about Finland:

  1. My family and friends ❤
  2. Helsinki, that beautiful city of mine
  3. Christmas & Christmas food (What would I give for a joulutorttu right now)
  4. Dark nights with snow
  5. Proper heating (Sorry Japan, you know that this needs to be fixed)
  6. Easy to understand  and (free) health care
  7. Boundaries between work & personal life
  8. Fazer Chocolate
  9. Santa Claus (Because he is from Finland, sorry Sweden and Norway)
  10. Sauna 

I miss these things so much, but in a weird way it makes me happy to know that I can have these things only back home. Japan is obviously a home of its own for me, but Finland will always have a special place in my heart ❤ 

Happy Birthday Finland.

PS. I’m getting a Finnish Christmas lunch at the Finnish embassy next week! 🎅🇫🇮



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