25 things I learned at 25


25 has been one of the most amazing years in my life; I started it in Sendai celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend, his family and all my Sendai friends; spent the most amazing spring and summer in Finland with my family and friends; found an internship followed by the job of my dreams in Tokyo and moved to Japan – and here I am in Helsinki waiting for my new visa!

It’s been a crazy year and I’ve learned so much about myself, so I thought I’d write down a list of 25 things I learned at 25:

  1. Only you can make yourself happy
  2. Positivity makes all the difference
  3. If you want to make something happen, say it out loud
  4. Everything starts with the first step, no matter how tiny it might be
  5. Change is good, don’t be scared of it
  6. Say yes to opportunities, you never know where they will take you
  7. Be more open to people, they might just change your life
  8. Kindness will always come back to you
  9. Don’t think too much
  10. Stop regretting things if you can’t change them
  11. Own up to your mistakes, blaming other people is a waste of time
  12. There’s no reason to compare yourself to other people since everyone has their own path
  13. Even if things don’t go according to plan, remember to have fun
  14. Sometimes it’s better not to say everything you think out loud
  15. You only have today – make the most of it
  16. Your family and friends are the most important people in your life – let them know that
  17. Loving someone sometimes means being selfless
  18. But sometimes it’s good to be a little selfish
  19. Know when you have to let someone go
  20. Even when things feel shitty, you will survive
  21. Challenging yourself will always be worth it
  22. Alcohol should be enjoyed, but water is as important
  23. Me-time is important, but sometimes it’s the people who give you the most energy
  24. Being happy is more important than achieving things
  25. BE YOURSELF – what’s the point of holding back when it’s your life?

Truth be told, I’m a bit sacred of turning 26…It’s such a grown-up number and I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Looking at where I am now it doesn’t feel like much has changed, but I’m so happy to have experienced this year and so excited to see what 26 has in store for me!

I hope everyone who reads this remembers to have a look at their year once in a while and appreciate the steps you’ve taken and the things you’ve achieved – no matter how tiny they might be. I also hope you’re as excited for the year to come as I am!

Happy Birthday to me!



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